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   Aroma is a multidisciplinary artist based in

    California's Bay Area. Their work ranges from

   visual to performing arts including: Music,

Film Direction, Oil painting and more.

Debut EP "SNH"

releasing 9/29/21


To read more on Aroma,

visit the 'ABOUT' page.

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Debut EP

DNR Music Video

Art Director / Director / Producer / Co-Founder

Good4U Studios, Oakland CA

Good4U Studios is an independent music and film studio located in downtown Oakland, CA.

 Created by Aroma, Xae and Magdalene (of group SUPERGOOD4uTHING), Good4U Studios facilitates the creation of nuanced narratives, prioritizing support of queer POC artist 

Website Launch Coming Soon...

Coming Soon

Coming Soon
FALL 2022

MoonBaby Is an original musical film from writer / director Aroma.

The plot follows main character, Riley, after she experiences a sexual assault in childhood that splits her into two people: one of which stays a child locked in an inner labyrinth of herself, the other grows up. The formerly abandoned and locked away inner child then escapes seeking a now teenage Riley's acceptance. Riley is then forced to face her inner child and the effects of her assault as two of them go on an unforeseen journey until ultimately fusing back into one person.

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