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Aroma is a 23 year old Oakland, California native. They have an eclectic history with self-taught art --- although directing and music is their primary focus, Aroma's creative journey began with visual arts such as drawing and surreal oil painting, expanding later to poetry, dance and other performance arts. Between directing music videos and larger independent projects, they continue to play live music shows throughout California.


A highlight of Aroma's directing career is their recent debut musical short film, ZoomBug, which premiered on i-D Magazine.

Their passion is using art to create spaces in which people feel safe to heal and process together. All of Aroma's work aims to tell stories that allow audiences to experience and imagine new worlds while addressing the struggles within their current realities. Their work aims to deepen the roots of love and create a place for themselves, the artist, healers and those brave enough to open up to the boundless journey of creative exploration.

About Us


Aroma's work and visual style is heavily influenced by their vibrant imagination and experience living with mental illness. Themes related to their battles with depression and anxiety: Dissociation, self harm, helplessness ect make their way into Aroma's visual, sonic and often surreal landscapes, giving all viewers or listeners a peek into the many worlds within Aroma's mind that they often retreat to.

AroMa's visual Inspiration

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