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Currently In Production

After experiencing sexual assault in childhood, Riley is split into two people: one of which stays a child locked in an inner labyrinth of herself, the other grows up.


The formerly abandoned and locked away inner child then escapes seeking a now teenage Riley's acceptance. Forced to face her inner child and the effects of her trauma, the pair go on an unforeseen journey towards ultimately fusing back into one person. 

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ZoomBug Musical Film, 2018

"zoombug' is a radically queer musical about racecars and shitty exes

Filmmaker AroMa channeled their anxiety about the passing of time into this 80s femme punk fantasy."

- Sarah Gooding with iD Magazine


The story follows five teenage friends (Kez, Fawmsy, Yanna, Loon and Stemma) whose all to familair anxiety with the passing of time leads them to an interesting pursuit; trying to outrun time itself leads them into a fast paced race car adventure.


Listen to the official ZoomBug Soundtrack HERE.

Watch Full ZoomBug Film

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